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Synopsis for "Ins and Outs!"

At a team meeting, Hawkeye calls Wonder Man to task for his public admission that he had embezzled his company's funds ten years earlier, without having first consulted the Avengers. Tensions rise during the discussion between them, Iron Man, Mockingbird and Tigra, while in the adjacent living room, Hank Pym, the Thing and Firebird overhear. Finally, they hold a press conference showing support for Wonder Man's actions.

Afterwards, a pensive Wonder Man heads down to the beach, and Tigra follows. Soon, they embrace and kiss.

In the headquarters, Mockingbird disapproves of Hawkeye's approach to Simon Williams' confession, and they have a spat, while Thing and Firebird take their leave. Mockingbird, who has gone down to the beach to fume, is approached by a distressed Tigra. She tells Mockingbird about her encounter with Simon and, worried about her overwhelming feline id, asks her for help.

Inside, while Mockingbird does computer research, Hank gets a vaguely threatening phone call from Ultron (Mk XII). After angrily hanging up, Tigra comes on to him. Soon, the team has gathered, and Mockingbird (who has made up with Hawkeye) tells Tigra the computer found a link between the Cat People and Jack Russell (the Werewolf), so the Avengers proceed to Russell's apartment. Meanwhile, in downtown L. A. seeking clues about Master Pandemonium, Firebird asks a book dealer for information about the Darkhold. He tells her of the arcane tome's connection to Jack Russell.

At Russell's place, the Avengers are greeted by Michael Morbius who is working to cure Russell. Suddenly, the Werewolf bursts from his shuttered room, grabs Tigra, and leaps out the window with her to the street below. The heroes follow and grapple with the lycanthrope. After a prolonged battle, Firebird arrives and surrounds the Werewolf with flames, allowing Wonder Man to deliver a stunning blow to the beast. The Avengers then discuss the difficulty in getting any answers about the Cat People with Russell in his current state. Morbius recalls his adventure with a similar race and offers to tell them what he knows.

Back at the West Coast compound, Ultron again calls Hank, this time to apologize.

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