West Edmonton Mall is the largest shopping center in North America. When Delphine Courtney sought vengeance on Alpha Flight for their role in harming Jerome Jaxon, she infiltrated the team, pretending to be James Hudson. She lured the members of Alpha Flight to the West Edmonton Mall where members of Omega Flight fought and defeated them individually. However, when the rest of Alpha Flight appeared, the tide began to turn.[1] Following this battle, the Beyonder appeared, seeking Shaman's Medicine Pouch to retrieve a gift from another dimension for Dazzler.[2] While Alpha Flight was distracted by the Beyonder, Omega Flight attempted to escape and encountered Mr. Jeffries who detained them.[3]

When their member Dei Guan, the Jade Dragon, appeared in Canada after mysteriously disappearing, China Force was sent to retrieve him. While en route, they fell under the influence of the Dreamqueen and were diverted to West Edmonton Mall. There, they fought Alpha Flight, mistakenly thinking that they were in China. After the battle, the team returned to China with Guan after Laura Dean opened a trans-dimensional portal.[4]

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