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When Nova enlisted the help of the Guardians of the Galaxy to confront the rogue Olympians, half of the team turned him down out of concern for the safety of each other.[1] The mission was a success but it resulted in the apparent death of Star-Lord.[2] Stricken with grief, Gamora and the Guardians that hadn't accepted the mission, Drax and Groot, split off and formed their own team to return to their mercenary ways. They were joined by Drax's daughter Moondragon.

For their first mission, the team was hired by Black Bunny Solutions on behalf of Castor Gnawbarque III to kill Rocket Raccoon and stop the sabotaging of an energy-converting machine named the D-Type Converter at the hands of the other Guardians.[3] Both teams clashed,[4] and Gamora's team failed their missions. During the confrontation, Moondragon merged with her Reality-18897 counterpart and joined the other Guardians. Groot had helped prevent Rocket's assassination, and also defected to the other team.[5] The two members of Black Bunny Solutions, Blackjack O'Hare and Prince of Power, remained with the team. In the aftermath of the conflict, the two teams extended a truce.[6]

When the Guardians were reunited with Star-Lord, who heralded the return of the Olympians, Nova sought the help of Gamora's team, and the two Guardians teams stood their ground together agains the vengeful gods.[7] In the aftermath of the Olympians' defeat, Gamora's unit was folded back into the main team.[8]


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