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Synopsis for "Ringo Kid"

The Ringo Kid has been captured by a gang of gunslingers and has been tied up at their camp. Suddenly they all spot smoke signals, and the Kid recognizes them as a message from his Comanche friend Dull Knife. The Kid convinces them that a band of Comanches are after them prompting the outlaws to flee and leave the Kid to his fate. Ringo then uses their discarded camp fire to burn through the bonds around his feet and has his horse Arab chew through the ones around his arms. He then rides to Dull Knife's location and learns that his father, Cory Rand, has been arrested Remuda on the charge of robbing a coach. The Kid decides to ride to town and talk to the sheriff under a banner of truth.

In Remuda, Banker Borden demands the sheriff do something about the series of robberies of his gold shipments, as the outlaws robbing them seem to know exactly the routes and every other means of shipping his money and storms out. The sheriff decides that the only man who can help is the Ringo Kid. Ringo then arrives and appeals for his father's release when it is told that Cory was escorting the last stage and was found at the scene of robbery knocked out. The sheriff agrees and secretly arranges for The Kid, Cory and Dull Knife to carry the next shipment.

Along the trail they are attacked by the same men that ambushed both the Kid and Cory and easily disarm them and take them into custody. They check their saddle bags and find that instead of gold there is nothing but rocks. Realizing what is going on, the Ringo Kid rushes into town and apprehends Borden before he can claim the insurance money for his shipments, which were part of an elaborate fraud to collect the money through illicit means.

Appearing in "The Midnight Rider"

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Synopsis for "The Midnight Rider"

Western tale.

Appearing in "The Guns of the Tulsa Kid!"

  • Appearances not yet listed

Synopsis for "The Guns of the Tulsa Kid!"

Western tale.

Appearing in "His Back to the Wall!"

  • Appearances not yet listed

Synopsis for "His Back to the Wall!"

Western tale.

Appearing in "Outlaw's Ambush!"

  • Appearances not yet listed

Synopsis for "Outlaw's Ambush!"

Western tale.

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