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—Westview's Town Slogan[src]

Westview is a small town in New Jersey and the site of the "Maximoff Anomaly".


Some time prior to his death in Wakanda in 2018, Vision purchased lot B (number 2800) on Sherwood Drive in Westview, New Jersey. Vision put the property in both his and Wanda's names with plans for them to grow old together sharing a home.[2]

In late 2023, mere weeks after the Blip ended bringing back to life those snapped by Thanos,[3] Westview was taken over by Wanda Maximoff.[2] Wanda established a five mile wide hexagonal magical boundary around Westview that enabled her to unconsiously reshape the reality inside of it to transform Westview into an idyllic sitcom haven. Meanwhile, those living in close near or with personal connections to Westview forget that it had ever existed.[1]

Not long after Westview "disappeared", Agent Jimmy Woo began investigating a missing persons case of a Westview resident. To further investigate, Agent Woo recruit the assistence of S.W.O.R.D. When Captain Monica Rambeau was pulled through the magical barrier, the investigation escalated with Director Hayward and S.W.O.R.D. establishing a permiter around Westview and recruiting specialists.[1]

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  • The speed limit on the main road into Westview is 35 miles per hour.[4][1]
  • The elevation of the town of Westview is 203 feet (61.9 meters) above sea level.[1]

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