Whalesong was a young woman who had grown up unaware of her Atlantean heritage. Being caught in a boating accident, she nearly died, only to be saved by the creature she calls Leviathan, which had been guarding her. Developing a bond with the creature, she took to living inside it. At some point in time she started attending the University of Atlantis before Wakandan forces attacked the city.[1]


When Thanos' forces invaded, Whalesong somehow avoided being attacked until the students from the other superhuman schools arrived to try and fight them. Being beaten back, Whalesong called upon Leviathan to swallow the teens in order to save them.[2]

After finding that Thanos' army is heading to Wakanda, Demona used her powers to teleport Leviathan and everyone inside it to Wakanda. Engaging the enemy, a massive monster amongst Thanos' forces attacked only to be met by Leviathan. Despite its best efforts however, Leviathan was beaten badly, leaving Whalesong mourning the injury to her gigantic guardian.[1]

After fighting off the attack, the Wakandans managed to get Leviathan back into the ocean where it healed quickly.[1]


Psychic Link: Whalesong shares a psychic link with a titanic sea beast called Leviathan. She lives inside it and can communicate with others by projecting memories onto the walls of its interior.

Flight: Whalesong has the ability to levitate. Whether this is through Leviathan's telekinesis, her own powers or through her Namor-like footwear is unclear.


She doesn't speak any known language.[1]


Leviathan, formerly a boat

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