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Synopsis for "What If Annihilation Reached Earth?"

The story begins at the climax of the Superhero Registration Civil War in New York City when it is stop as a ship of the Annihilation Wave crashed into a building caused by Nova and the Heralds of Galactus; Red Shift, Stardust and Firelord. After quickly learning from the heroes about the Civil War Nova is outraged that the heroes are fighting over secret identities when such a massive threat is coming, revealing that in this world, Drax was unable to revive Galactus, causing the death of himself, Galactus and Silver Surfer, and thus the Wave continued its march, taking much of the Kree Empire along with Ronan and the Super-Skrull. Realizing the immediate cosmic threat, both the pro and anti-registers put aside their differences and worked together.

The Wave hits Earth in a massive strike on multiple cities, as the heroes and villains of Earth uniting to fight it off while sustaining massive casualties. It is not until Nova convinced the Inhumans into intervening in the war, that the initial Wave is completely destroyed. With more of Annihilus' forces coming, this reality's Watcher tells the heroes that the Terminus device can be used to open a black hole to suck the fleet away. With the help of the Inhumans, they trick Annihilus into sending his forces toward the moon. Nova intends to stay and set the device off, however, Captain America and Iron Man also volunteer to help him fight off the Wave to buy Earth time. The three sacrifice themselves to set off the device, sucking the Wave into the black hole, destroying the moon and leaving Earth ravaged but still alive.

Solicit Synopsis

The wave of ANNIHILATION nearly ravaged the cosmos...but WHAT IF Annihilus was not defeated in the outskirts of our galaxy? WHAT IF he brought his devastating alien armada to Earth? At the height of CIVIL WAR and SILENT WAR, can our planet's mightiest heroes put aside their differences long enough to save all of humanity?


  • Officially diverges from events in Earth-616 when Drax failed to free Galactus after killing Thanos in Annihilation #4, though in this reality, Danny Rand did not pose as Iron Fist during Civil War, though there was still a Daredevil present, so it is possibly diverges at an earlier point.


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