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Synopsis for "What If the Fantastic Four Were the Original Marvel Bullpen?"

Four members of the original Marvel Bullpen become subjects of an insidious experiment when a box shooting cosmic rays is delivered to their office one day in the early 60s. Granted super-powers, they dedicate themselves to hunting down the mysterious "S-People" responsible for their transformations. Over the course of two decades, they embark on secret missions as the Fantastic Four while adapting their exploits into the comics they publish by day. Meanwhile, the "S-People" continue to plant similar boxes, subjecting others to worse transformations. Eventually, the FF track the cosmic rays to Atlantis. With the help of the Sub-Mariner, they ferret out the "S-People", revealed to be their recurring enemies, the Skrulls. Together with Namor, they find the Skrull's underwater base and destroy it, ending the project to transform humanity with cosmic rays, and bringing them a step closer to restoring their own humanity.

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