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Synopsis for "What If Dr. Doom Had Become a Hero?"

In a world where Victor heeded Reed's warnings about the flaws in his fateful experiment in college, he takes Reed as his assistant and successfully contacts the netherworld without causing the accident that physically scars him. Nonetheless, he leaves school on a quest of mystical study to find a way to free his mother's soul from Mephisto, a journey that leads to the same Tibetan monastery where he receives a similar suit of armor, though gold instead of grey and with a visored helmet instead of a face-concealing mask.

After successfully freeing his mother's soul with an unearthed ritual, Doom turns his attention to Latveria, where he overthrows the cruel Baron Rudolfo and brings the nation to advancement and prosperity as its new ruler. However, on the day he marries his childhood love, Valeria, Mephisto strikes in retaliation for the soul stolen from him. He forces Doom to choose a substitution to make amends: the souls of everyone in Latveria, Valeria's soul, or Doom's own soul. Heroic or not, Doom's overwhelming ego keeps him from sacrificing himself or all he's worked for and so he inadvertently condemns Valeria's soul by default. As the following years pass, the legend of Doom's heroism and benevolence spread far and wide, but on one night every year, just as he does in another reality, he grimly undergoes a fruitless ritual to fight the forces of Hell to rescue one beloved soul and returns every time in defeat.

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