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Quote1.png I don't believe it!! They're gonna fight all of Hydra -- two guys, a punk and a broad! Quote2.png
A Hydra Agent

Appearing in "What If Captain America Hadn't Vanished During World War Two?"

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  • Allied Drone Plane (First and only known appearance)
  • Zemo's V2 craft (First and only known appearance)


Synopsis for "What If Captain America Hadn't Vanished During World War Two?"

Captain America and Bucky succeed in disarming the drone plane that would have otherwise ended their careers in the 40s. The Red Skull has Baron Zemo put into a twenty-year deep sleep for his failure. Cap and Bucky continue to fight crime and Communism into the 60s, with Barnes switching to calling himself "Buck" as he gets older. When SHIELD is formed, President Johnson offers the job of Director to Steve Rogers in lieu of Nick Fury, who was killed in the Korean War. Steve initially recommends Buck instead, but after a while Buck insists on trading places. Barnes becomes the new Captain America with Rick Jones as his sidekick and Sharon Carter as his lover, while the aging Rogers accepts his new role as head of SHIELD.

SHIELD along with Cap and Rick launch a decisive strike against their nemesis Hydra, which Zemo organized in revenge after waking up from his long sleep. In the final confrontation, both Zemo and Captain America are killed. Sharon blames Steve for putting Buck on the path that led to his premature demise, but Steve insists he understands Buck's sacrifice more than she believes. The costume of Captain America is retired to a museum, but Rick Jones already has aims to be the next to take up the legacy.

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