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Mister Fantastic/Big Brain

Appearing in "What If the Fantastic Four Had Different Super-Powers?"

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  • Blackbeard's Treasure


Synopsis for "What If the Fantastic Four Had Different Super-Powers?"

When four people piloted a starship into space, they were exposed to cosmic rays that mutated them. Their personality traits affected the ways in which they were mutated: Ben Grimm, who had always loved flying, became Dragonfly; Reed Richards, dominated by his vast intellect, became Big Brain; Johnny Storm, fascinated by things mechanical, became Mandroid; and Sue Storm, whose pliable personality allowed her to adapt and mold herself to fit with her more dominating friends, became the elastic Ultra-Woman.

They agreed to use their powers for the benefit of humanity, becoming the Fantastic Four. The Four encountered and triumphed over the Mole Man, the Skrulls, the Miracle Man, and Namor, much like their Earth-616 counterparts. They next drove off a demon from the netherworld attempting to steal the modern day Merlin Stones; by doing so they attracted the ire of Dr. Doom, who had summoned the demon. Investigating, Doom discovered that Big Brain was his old college rival, and decided that Richards could be manipulated to help Doom complete a time machine to travel into the past to obtain the Merlin Stones when they were at their height of power.

To do so, Doom capitalized on the fact that with Reed a disembodied brain, Sue had begun to grow ever closer to Ben. Doom infiltrated the Baxter Building and convinced Reed that he could help him regain a human body if he would aid him. Big Brain willingly entered a transport tube and was trapped by Doom, who fought off Mandroid as he tried to stop him. As Doom prepared to use Big Brain's psychic energy to power his time machine, the rest of the FF fought their way into Doom's castle. Reed managed to generate a psychic blast that gave Doom pause, long enough for the rest of the team to make their way into the chamber. Doom overpowered the others, but when he brutally beat Sue, Reed struck Doom with another blast. Despite the attacks, Doom managed to activate his machine, which exploded.

Big Brain's form was destroyed, but not before he could transfer his mind into Doom's body, displacing Doom's mind. Taking the new name Mr. Fantastic, Reed stayed with the group, hoping that Sue could someday love the scarred face beneath his metal mask.


  • Marx (credited as Kristy Marx), Hoberg and Glut are credited with plot contributions.
  • Pencils (issue pages): Craig pages 1-11, Hoberg pages 14-45.
  • Letters (issue pages): Costanza pages 1-11, Rosen (uncredited) pages 14-45.


  • In this alternate reality, Mr. Fantastic was transformed into "Big Brain", which is also one of Ben Grimm's favorite nicknames for Reed Richards of Earth-616.

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