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Appearing in "What If... the Avengers Had Been Formed During the 1950's?"

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Synopsis for "What If... the Avengers Had Been Formed During the 1950's?"

Iron Man calls an Avengers meeting with Captain America, Thor, the Vision, and the Beast to show them video from a dimensional viewer he made based on the transporter used by the Squadron Supreme [1]. The images show the late 1950s of what may or may not be their own world. As they watch the video, the Watcher watches them.

In this world, Jimmy Woo of the FBI recruits Marvel Boy, 3-D Man, Gorilla Man, the Human Robot and the goddess Venus into a team to save President Eisenhower, who has been kidnapped by the Yellow Claw. Dubbing themselves the Avengers, they clash with Yellow Claw's minions which consist of the heroes' old foes: The Great Video, Cold Warrior, Electro, and Skull-Face. Ultimately, the heroes succeed in rescuing the President, defeating Yellow Claw and his minions, although Yellow Claw himself escapes. Following his rescue, the President, believing that the knowledge of super-beings such as the Avengers would send the American public into a panic, orders the group to disband and let their brief grouping together remain a secret. The members of the Avengers agree with the President's decision and part company.

After the viewing, the modern day Avengers remark how similar the quintet of the past was to each of them, comparing 3-D Man to Cap, Marvel Boy to Iron Man, Venus to Thor, Gorilla Man to Beast, and the Human Robot to the Vision.


  • For many years, the Beast's question of whether he was viewing the past of Earth-616 or another dimension went unanswered. In Avengers: Forever Vol 1 4 it was finally revealed that he had tuned in to another dimension, when heroes from Earth-616 visited that dimension (named Earth-9904) shortly before it was destroyed by Immortus.

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