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Synopsis for "What If... Starring Gambit: Revenge!"

In Earth-616, after the X-Men learned of his involvement in the Mutant Massacre, they felt quite betrayed, but eventually forgave their teammate. In this reality, the revelation of his dark secret drove a wedge between the X-Men; Archangel especially had a hatred for the man, as he had lost his original wings during the Massacre. Eventually, he hunted Gambit down and the matter was supposed to be settled in Morlock style – with a duel to the death. During the battle, Remy stopped fighting back at one point, correctly guessing that Archangel would realize that killing him wouldn’t solve anything. Marrow, however, thought otherwise and rammed one of her bone daggers in Gambit’s chest. With his dying breath, Remy asked the X-Men to forgive her and end the cycle of violence.

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