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Synopsis for "What If...Starring: Iron Man: Chapter 1: Strange Allies, Stark Lives; Chapter 2: Into the Darkness; Chapter 3: In Final Battle!

(Chap. 1) The comic opens with Tony peering into Agamatto's Orb. He discovers that Dormammu is planning to invade Earth. Suddenly, one of Dormammu's minions attacks. Tony seemingly defeats him, but the minion begins spell-casting with extra hands. Tony defeats him again, then attempts to interrogate him. The minion explodes, and Stephen Strange is left to clean up the mess. Stephen enters a flashback where he and Tony met at a party. Tony gave Stephen a car ride that ended with an accident. This caused nerve damage in Strange's hands, preventing further operations. Tony swore to find him a cure, and they traveled to Tibet to do so. When they asked the Ancient One, he said he could not help with a cure. Stark realized that Baron Mordo held a curse over the Ancient One, and decided to train in sorcery. He drove off Baron Mordo and was made Earth's Sorcerer Supreme. Back in the present, we see Tony constructing a new armor to battle Dormammu. He then enters the Dark Dimension.

(Chap. 2) When Tony enters the Dark Dimension, he takes down a giant sentry. He enters the palace and is observed by both Dormammu and Clea. He then encounters a spell parasite, which he defeats with his repulsors. He then encounters Dormammu and asks him to surrender. When Dormammu refuses, Tony activates his new armor, and holds him off. But Dormammu takes Stark's armor and explains that he could not do that without an image, and then holds up a hologram of the armor. He then introduces Strange, and Strange's hands are restored for his betrayal.

(Chap. 3) While Dormammu rallies his troops, Strange is seen pondering his old life. Then Clea emerges from the shadows and tells him the big mistake he made. She shows him the Mindless Ones, and explains that Dormammu channels a lot of energy into a barrier to hold them back. By letting the Mindless Ones ravage Earth, Dormammu will have more power and be unstoppable. Clea then helps Strange distract her father so the armor is left unattended. He then uses the voice feature to fly to Stark and free him. Tony shows Strange that parasitic serpents gave strength to his hands while also draining his life force. Tony took back the armor and challenged Dormammu to combat in astral form. Stark then has the armor teleport Dormammu's body throughout the multiverse, and Dormammu retreats. Tony returns back to Earth, and Strange stays in the Dark Dimension as the new ruler while Dormammu is gone.

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