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The Secret Wars participants ended up trapped on Battleworld. The heroes and villains from the Secret Wars ended up settling down, getting married and having kids.

"Transported to a strange planet by a force from beyond the universe, the mightiest Super Heroes and Super-Villains of all time were gathered to fight the ultimate war. 25 years ago, the war ended. No one came home. Today, their children begin the battle anew..."

As Thor's son, Balder Blake (Bravado) turns eighteen, he makes his third and annual attempt to lift his father's enchanted hammer Mjolnir, with no success, despite the continued encouragement of his friends Crusader (Sarah Rogers) and Mustang (Clinton Barton Jr.). As his surprise birthday celebration was ending, Balder's half-brother, Doctor Doom (Victor von Doom)'s son Malefactor (Vincent von Doom), decided that it was time to continue in his father's footsteps and return home to the original Earth-616, and conquer it. He began by assassinating his father, and immediately began assembling a group of the children of the other villains. He also offered membership to Bravado, because of their half-brotherhood.

After Bravado rejected Vincent's offer, he realized that his half-brother needed to be stopped. After "borrowing" her father's shield, Crusader, Mustang (Clinton Barton Jr), Firefly (Matthew Storm), and Torrent (Kendall Logan), immediately set out to stop Malefactor.

As Bravado and Crusader confronted him, Malefactor used the sorcery skills he learned from his mother, the Enchantress, and blasted Crusader all the way to the memorial where Mjolnir lay. Meanwhile, after the elder heroes and former villains fought off the robots that Malefactor sent after them, they were rejoined by the self-exiled Hulk (Bruce Banner). He came back to because he finally discovered a way for them to return to their original home on Earth.

Just as Bravado broke free of Malefactor's magical bindings, Crusader broke through the wall of his castle, wielding Mjolnir, having proved worthy of lifting it. After the battles were over, and some scolding from father to daughter Rogers about "borrowing" shields, Banner explained how they could return to Earth, using a device he created and Mjolnir to open a dimensional portal. At just that moment, the Watcher appeared, which made Captain America and the Hulk both realize that it forebode something bad.

Later that night, the younger generation of heroes secretly met at the device that Banner had made. Crusader apologized for using Mjolnir and reminding Bravado that he couldn't, but she needed it to test the device and prove that trip wasn't dangerous. Using the device, the teenagers ended up in a New York that was swarming with Sentinels. After they easily dispatched one, Crusader insisted that they not give up and go home, and that it was their "duty to bring peace to this planet, or die trying".

The group was later summoned to the Citadel at the End of time Earth-9105, as a second group of Avengers from alternate timelines. They helped to stop the Time-Keepers, who had also summoned the children of the former villains, as well as other Avengers villains from an alternate timeline, to try to stop them.


  • In this world, some of the participants in the Secret Wars had already died, notably Reed Richards, who had apparently died when the Beyonder and Galactus destroyed each other, and the Enchantress had been murdered by Doctor Doom, the father of her second child. In addition, Spider-Man's body had been taken over by the alien symbiote that was his black costume.

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