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Synopsis for "What If... The Silver Surfer Had Not Escaped Earth?"

After Galactus confines the Silver Surfer to Earth, the Fantastic Four offers him membership to the team which he accepts. The new Fantastic Five becomes a powerhouse team that easily takes out the likes of Mole Man, Doctor Doom and the Frightful Four. While the original FF are on a intergalactic mission, SS visits a mission where he has a run-in with Mephisto who announces that the original FF have become his prisoners. Mephisto says that unless he becomes his herald that the FF will die and to show that he is serious, he kills Johnny Storm. SS can't stand seeing his Earth family killed so he obliges. The remaining FF are released and soon disbands after losing two members. The integrity and morality of the SS soon acts a counterweight to Mephisto's evil which results in a total absence of evil on Earth. There is no need for superheroes so teams like the Avengers disband and Earth becomes a place of peace.

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