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Quote1.png The only criminal I see here is you, Punisher! You murdered Daredevil -- you murdered a super hero! Quote2.png
-- Spider-Man

Appearing in "What If... The Punisher Killed Daredevil?"

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Synopsis for "What If... The Punisher Killed Daredevil?"

This comic book story starts off with the Watcher wondering what would've happened if the Punisher had killed Daredevil in their iconic fight from Daredevil #291-293. In it, Punisher shot Daredevil, but with a tranquilizer, not bullets. Daredevil, obviously, survived, but this is the telling of an alternate reality in which Daredevil accidentally falls off a nearby ledge, after being shot, and dies. Daredevil's death at the hands of the Punisher sparks a war of super heroes across New York. Spider-Man is one of the first super heroes to face Punisher. Spider-Man is in an uncharacteristically angry rage. The Punisher is shooting and shooting but can't hit Spidey. The Punisher recalls an old fight where he had where he managed to shoot Spidey. His method was to get Spidey to leap forward at him, so he couldn't change direction, and then fire. It works. Although, Punisher purposely shot Spider-Man in the shoulder because he didn't want to kill him. While Spidey is unconscious in the hospital, his secret identity is revealed. Some bad guys shoot a rocket launcher into Aunt May's house, killing her. Spidey wakes up, hears about Aunt May's murder, and finds Punisher. Spider Man is, once again, very angry. Spider Man is not pulling punches like normal in his anger. He breaks Punisher's ribs, punctured a lung, and messed up his face pretty bad. Spider Man picks up Punisher and is getting ready to throw him off of a roof top. Punisher begins screaming that he knows about about his Aunt. Spider Man is distracted. It was all a ploy. Punisher doesn't want to, but, opens fire on Spider Man, killing him. Punisher figures out it was Kingpin who masterminded the ongoing gang war, the assassination of all his political opponents, and the resignation of the mayor. This was all so Kingpin could put a guy in the mayor's seat and call the shots from behind the scenes. Punisher, right after getting beaten badly by Spider Man, goes and fights the Kingpin anyway. The Kingpin has very little trouble killing Punisher who showed up very hurt. But, right after that, a package shows up for Kingpin. It was a bomb which kills Kingpin and the new, corrupt mayor. Cloak and Dagger guest star.

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