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Synopsis for "What If The Sub-Mariner Had Joined The Fantastic Four?"

After a fight with Reed, Johnny Storm decides to leave the FF and ends up at a mission. He ends up recognizing Namor who has amnesia. Johnny picks Namor off the ground and drops him into the ocean where his memories come back. When Namor surfaces, he pledges a war with the surface after seeing that Atlantis had been destroyed. The remaining FF come to intervene. The Invisible Woman is successful in rationalizing with Namor and ends up joining the FF. The FF is successful in thwarting Dr. Doom's evil plans which causes Doom to come up with a plan to destroy them. During that time, Susan loses interest in Reed and falls in love with Namor. Reed ends up leaving the very team he founded as a result to focus on research. Reed hires an assistant who he falls in love with. This new assistant is actually a Doom plant who is forced to drug Reed because she was being blackmailed. Reed is drugged again by Doom with a mind control agent and is sent to kill the FF. While squeezing the life out of Susan, Dr. Doom beats Namor to a bloody pulp. Doom then turns to Susan and choke her. As she begins to die, Reed overcomes the mind controlling drug and attacks Doom. Doom punches Reed through glass and nearly kills him. Johnny and Ben soon arrive but Doom takes off. After recovering from their injuries, Reed marries his assistant and rejoins the FF. Their marriage produces a daughter. Namor and Susan have a son around the same time. Their two kids end up falling in love and live happily ever after.

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  1. First and only known appearance to date besides flashbacks

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