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Appearing in "What If... Spider-Man Had Not Lost His Cosmic Powers?"

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Synopsis for "What If... Spider-Man Had Not Lost His Cosmic Powers?"

After failing to rid of himself of his cosmic powers, Spider-Man decides to retire from the crime fighting life to live a normal life. This is briefly interrupted by when Venom attacks him. Realizing that he cannot beat a cosmic enhanced Spider-Man, Venom accepts a deal to replace the retired Spider-Man. Peter resumes his life with Mary Jane but is soon overcome with providing assistance to worldwide catastrophes. This changes Peter into a cold, unfeeling person. Peter then attempts to fix famine in Africa by bringing Thor to drought-ridden lands and demands that he make it rain. Thor refuses, citing his oath to not interfere with such events. Peter punches Thor into space and they battle. The battle ends quickly as Dr. Doom shoots Thor. Dr. Doom convinces Peter that he could strip him of his cosmic powers. Peter refuses but Doom attempts to steal his powers anyways. The plan fails because it's not really Doom but just a Doombot that could not contain such energy. Peter soon turns the power stealing device on himself and is successful of not only ridding himself of his cosmic powers but also of his Spider-Man powers. Thor helps him up and they go back to the US. Peter and Mary Jane soon have a daughter but wonder if she was conceived before or after cosmic Spider-Man. They look into her eyes and see that they are all white. Mary Jane then jokes that she got her father's eyes.

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