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Synopsis for "What If... Phoenix Had Lived?"

The Shi'Ar decides to perform a 'psychic' lobotomy on Phoenix which is successful in removing her powers. Jean and Scott soon leave the X-Men for a normal life. They have a daughter named Rachel. Jean soon has problems being a powerless mutant and tries to find meaning as a teacher at Xavier's school where Scott rejoins the X-Men. One night, Magneto threatens to kill Scott unless Jean goes back with him to Asteroid M. She agrees. Magneto then offers Jean the opportunity to regain her lost powers if she agrees to serve him. She is tempted to do it but the X-Men come to rescue her. During the rescue, Jean destroys the machine that could have given her powers back. Magneto is so impressed with Jean's willpower that he ceases his war against human kind therefore ending the career of the X-Men's most dangerous foe. Back on Earth, Jean is shot to death by Mastermind who kidnaps Rachel. Her soul travels the Earth where she realizes that she is not really Jean but Phoenix. She is given the choice to die and release the real Jean Grey (who is in suspended animation under the sea) or to reincarnate herself but will kill the real Jean Grey. She decides to reincarnate herself and in the process regains her Phoenix powers. As Phoenix, she defeats Mastermind and rescues Rachel. No one ever finds out about it. Phoenix then uses her psychic powers to manipulate Senator Kelly into supporting mutant rights which leads to his assassination by anti-mutant activists. This leads to a worldwide war against humans and superheroes.


  • Plot by Caragonne and Claremont, script by Caragonne.

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