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Synopsis for "What If... Phoenix Rose Again?"

Jean got shot by Mastermind and her Phoenix powers reignite. She remembered destroying the cocoon holding the real Jean Grey. She flew to save Rachel and found her to be a full grown woman with all of her powers because of Mastermind. After a struggle, Jean killed Mastermind and reverted Rachel back to normal. Jean decided to focus on just being a wife and mother and force herself to stay on the sidelines. No one knows about her powers coming back.

Several years passed and the Mutant Registration Act was on the verge of being passed. Knowing that the end could be near, Jean secretly went to the President and altered his mind into being more accepting to mutants. Unfortunately, a human assassin killed the President and Henry Gyrich became president. The Sentinels attacked the X-Men and every other super powered being alive. Everyone gathered at the X-Mansion and Logan confronted Jean about her returned powers. He tried to kill her but Jean wiped the revelation out of his mind. She realized that the others knew, including her husband and so she left.

The next morning, the survivors attacked the Sentinels and nearly died but Jean appeared as Dark Phoenix and destroyed every single Sentinel. Destiny appeared to her and told her that every vision of Phoenix's future is that of death. For the sake of everyone, Phoenix flew up into space and become one with the cosmos.

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