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Synopsis for "What If... Magneto Took Over The USA?"

Magneto is successful in recruiting several former X-Men into joining his team after all the X-teams split. Magneto and his new team attempts to take over DC but is met with fierce resistance from a coalition of super heroes. The President and Congress agrees to give Magneto the US in order to prevent bloodshed. After evacuating the US, they launch thousands of Sentinels to wipe out all super heroes, including the ones who defended DC. Magneto is successful in protecting his new base (the White House) from Sentinel attacks. Storm is the last remaining survivor of her team and meets up with Psylocke. They attempt to reason with Magneto by sneaking into the White House. They are caught but are interrupted by another Sentinel attack. Magneto easily crushes them, one by one. Psylocke then tells Magneto to stop because there is something wrong but he ignore her. The final one contains a nuclear warhead which explodes and kills them all. Mutant detainment camps open up but Wolverine manages to breakout Iceman, Syrien, Toad and Forge who become the new X-Men.

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