Quote1 As Sorcerer Supreme, it can be said that Victor von Doom had both the most short-lived and long-remembered tenure of them all. For With both his endless scheming and his boundless ego, he assured that this world would always have a Sorcerer Supreme... and that Sorcerer would always be Doom! Quote2
-- Uatu the Watcher

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Synopsis for "What If Doom Became Sorcerer Supreme?"

After failing to retrieve his mother from Mephisto's grasp on his own, Doom seeks out the Ancient One in order to learn the Mystic Arts and once again attempt to rescue her. Along his way, he becomes more powerful than Mordo, and when Stephen Strange shows up with his crippled hands, instead of guiding him on the spiritual path, Doom cuts off his hands and replaces them with mechanical ones to increase his accuracy and surgical abilities.

In his second attempt at freeing his mother's soul, Doom and the Ancient One defeat Mephisto and rescue her, at the price of the Ancient One's death. Unprepared for the Ancient One's fall, Doom is unable to defend against The Dread Dormammu's attack on the Earthly plane. Knowing he's out powered, Doom enlists the help of the Fantastic Four to use his time platform and retrieve Blackbeard's treasure, an Obsidian Stone used by Merlin, which would help him defeat Dormammu.

The Four accomplish their task and leave Thing back in that time to become the pirate, Blackbeard (at his request). Upon their return, the world is overrun by demons, and The Avengers, The X-Men, Daredevil and Spider-Man are fighting them off in New York City while Doom battles Dormammu overhead. Reed manages to get the Stone to Doom in the nick of time, sending Dormammu back to the lands of Faltine, just after dealing a deathly blow to Doom.

Ironically, Stephen Strange ends up being the doctor who attempts to save Doom's life, (on Tony Stark's dime), but cannot, and with Doom's dying breath, he instructs his Doombots to abduct Strange and put him into his armor, overwriting his personality and memories to those downloaded from Doom, forcing him to become the next Sorcerer Supreme/Doom against his will.

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