Quote1 But in this reality, a heartbeat's hesitation becomes reaction; A finger is touched to a personal teleporter...and a new chain of events begin! Quote2
-- A Watcher

Appearing in "...What If Minion Had Not Killed Death's Head?"

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Synopsis for "...What If Minion Had Not Killed Death's Head?"

Death's Head manages to activate his teleporter and escape being killed by Minion. Reed Richards is killed and assimilated instead. Later, Baron Strucker V possesses Minion's body and becomes Charnel.

Death's Head is hired by Doctor Necker to stop the villain. Using a time machine, he recruits various heroes from 1992 and brings them to 2020. Charnel battles the heroes while Death's Head hangs back, and eventually kills them all. Death's Head attacks, and Necker realizes that the heroes were sacrificed to make his job easier. He goads Charnel into accessing Reed Richards' personality. Richards seizes control of Charnel's body and gives Death's Head an opening to kill him.

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