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Appearing in "What If... Rogue Possessed the Power of Thor?"

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  • Brotherhood's jet (Only appearance)[1] (Destruction)

Synopsis for "What If... Rogue Possessed the Power of Thor?"

During a battle with the Avengers in an attempt to free the Brotherhood of Evil Mutants from jail, Rogue absorbs all of Thor's powers which eventually leaves him in a vegetated state. Rogue uses her new Thor powers to devastate the Avengers which leaves Vision, Jocasta, and Hawkeye dead. The remaining Avengers take Thor's body to the Fantastic Four to see if they can help him but Thor is already dead. Odin is grief-stricken to find out his son has died but can't revoke Thor's powers from Rogue but sends out a squadron to take her out. In the meantime, Rogue, Blob, and Mystique resume their mission to break their team out of jail. Blob tries to make a pass at the new Rogue which leads to a conflict that brings down the jet. Everyone but Rogue is killed and she feels guilty. Loki appears and offers her closure if she goes with him to Asgard. He later seduces her and convinces her to kill Odin while he takes over Asgard. As Loki's forces invade Asgard, Rogue meets Thor on the astral plane who encourages her to take on his old role. She realizes that the Goddess of Thunder is her identity and she must hold herself to those standards. She returns to Earth and assists the FF and the remaining Avengers in wiping out Loki's forces. She accepts her new role as the new Thor and Odin accepts her as his new daughter.


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