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Synopsis for "What If Storm Had the Power of Phoenix?"

Storm (having been replaced by the Phoenix Force) after the X-Men's space mission, creates a world-wide organization that protects nature. Her recruits are mostly mutants. Those who oppose her ideals are put in a suspended animation state floating in the atmosphere. She has the helicarrier as a mobile headquarters that travels the world.

Storm froze an entire community due to its members violating of an anti-hunting agreement, despite the pleas of some of her constituents not to do so. Meanwhile, Wolverine & Nick Fury meet to retrieve the true body of Storm, stored in a cocoon at the ocean floor. They proceeded to topple Storm-Phoenix's reign by having Kitty Pryde phase into Storm's original body to sow confusion amongst the members of her organization. Upon Storm-Phoenix's defeat, everything was returned to normal, including those that were in suspended animation.


  • Storm is replaced by the Phoenix instead of Jean Grey

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