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Synopsis for "What If... Iron Man Lost the Armor Wars?"

At the beginning of the "Stark Wars", Scott Lang ends up passing out from the knock-out gas when gathering info on who has the stolen technology, and is captured by Justin Hammer's men. After a period of resistance, Scott is forced to reveal the name of the person who sent him when he learns that his daughter, Cassandra, had been kidnapped and would be killed in front of him if he still refused to talk .

When Tony Stark dons his Iron Man armor, Justin Hammer takes control of it and manipulated the Iron Man armor into placing a mind-control collar on Tony, when it turns out that Scott Lang and Cassandra Lang are his hostages and both will be killed if Tony does not do exactly as Hammer says. Hammer then orders Tony to destroy Stark Enterprises, rendering James Rhodes in a coma, and reveal his identity to the press. Afterwards, a disgraced Tony Stark discards the armor and the collar, then shaves off his mustache and dyes his hair blonde.

When Advanced Idea Mechanics steals the technology from Justin Hammer, they start targeting the other armored warriors, in which one of their attacks killed most of the Raiders. Tony meets up with Controller, Mauler, Stilt-Man, Beetle, Titanium Man, Crimson Dynamo, and the surviving Raider to infiltrate the A.I.M. Omega Branch, where Tony takes control of the Firepower armor.

When Tony suggests the armored villains turn themselves in, they betray and attack him, only to be stopped by Steve Rogers (still using the alias of "The Captain"), Hawkeye, Wonder Man, and Henry Pym. Hawkeye tells Tony that they would have to take him to jail for his earlier actions. Rather than attack his former teammates, Tony decides to take his chances in court, knowing that if he did attack, Justin Hammer would have truly won.

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