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Appearing in "...What If Legion Had Killed Xavier and Magneto?"

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Synopsis for "...What If Legion Had Killed Xavier and Magneto?"

With Magneto and Professor X both dead, there is no one to help the survivors rise and defeat Apocalypse. A team of Defenders goes to fight to end Apocalypse's rule. Apocalypse's Horsemen fight them and many die on both sides. Nate Grey finds Apocalypse and kills him, taking his armor. Stealing the Eye of Agamatto and leaving Brother Voodoo to die he merges the powers. Only Captain America and Wolverine remain and can not stop him as he opens the time stream trying to change what happened. Captain America manages to fire a last desperate shot of lightning through Thor's hammer, but it is even more catastrophic then anticipated. The power goes through many universes and kills all, making them all even worse off then before.

Solicit Synopsis

What if Legion killed Magneto and Xavier? With no leader to create any incarnation of X-Men to resist the onslaught of Apocalypse, the new world is a horrific finalized vision of Apocalypse’s dream. On the dawn of the twenty-year anniversary of the murders of Magneto and Xavier, we follow a small group consisting of Earth’s remaining heroes, led by Nate Summers as they stage a final offensive in an attempt to escape this twisted reality altogether.

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