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Appearing in "What If the Avengers Had Lost the Evolutionary War?"

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Synopsis for "What If the Avengers Had Lost the Evolutionary War?"

In this story, the High Evolutionary's genetic bomb exploded. As a result, both normal humans and mutants were altered. The mutant's powers grew greatly, the normal humans developed bigger heads with advanced minds and those artificially altered were changed in various ways (Spider-Man, for example, grew six arms). Due to the evolution, the evolved humans made peace with the mutants and with each other across the globe.

The mutants and mutated, now called "Godlike Ones" by the changed humans, elect Wolverine as a leader and decide that they can not live alongside humanity any more, immediately leaving for space together inside a shimmering aura. Thor, unchanged by the bomb, decides to return to Asgard.

While the mutants travel around the galaxy, the Inhumans and the Uni-Mind join them. The Shi'ar, the Kree and the Skrull create a vast armada to stop them, and are swiftly destroyed.

Meanwhile, back on Earth, decades have passed and some heroes are already dead. The missing Daredevil returns, after being in hibernation all those years and is welcomed by humans and the Vision. In space, the Godlike Ones destroy Galactus. Back on Earth, humans are evolved further, and are using their powers to regenerate Earth. Vision, being the last of the heroes alive and unable to keep living, sucides by imploding himself. In space, the Godlike Ones absorb the omnipotent entities of Death and Eternity.

The Celestials come to Earth and judge it unworthy, but the evolved humans join their minds together and kill the Celestial called Arishem, and the Eternals leave. Afterwards, their minds become one and become one with the Earth itself.

Meanwhile, the Godlike Ones create a tear in reality and access another, blank, universe, and create a Big Bang that gives birth to that universe. Death and Eternity separate, and the essence of the former heroes now are part of one or another.

The departure of those entities, however, affects the universe they left, which implodes upon itself. Earth, now a living, self-contained planet protected by the united minds of mankind, survives, awaiting for the rebirth of the universe.


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