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Synopsis for "What if... Cable had destroyed the X-Men?"

Professor X comes back to Earth after a hiatus. He is mortified over what his teams have become. At a meeting involving all the X-teams, Xavier ends up getting into a fight with Cable that quickly turns into a battle between Cable and his friends against everyone else. Cable and his friends soon escape. Later on, Cable assassinates Xavier, Jean and Scott while they're having dinner by launching a siren bomb at their table. This action splits the X-teams into two camps- those who want to kill Cable (headed by Wolverine) and those who want to bring him to justice (headed by Storm). The split has ripple effects because the X-teams are too busy fighting each other to fight outside threats. Teams like the Avengers and the Fantastic Four are shown fighting traditional X-Men enemy teams to pick up the slack. The infighting amongst the X-teams results in more deaths and climaxes when Cable and his team is killed by Wolverine's team. After Cable's death, the surviving members of Wolverine's team disbands with Psylocke joining Storm's team. Magneto soon appears and attempts to recruit the former X-Men into joining his group.

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