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Appearing in "What If... Captain America Fought in the Civil War?"

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Synopsis for "What If... Captain America Fought in the Civil War?"

In an alternate universe, Captain America first appears in Civil War-era Missouri, born not from a serum but from Native Americans magic, and fights against the monstrous White Skull.

Solicit Synopsis

At a time when America was tearing itself apart, and the very meaning of our nation was being rewritten in blood, one soldier fought to save the Union and build a better future. Learn the story of Union Army Captain Stephen Rogers, and the twist of fate that transformed him into Captain America, even as it birthed his greatest enemy, the White Skull.


  • The attack on Osceola is based on the real-life Sacking of Osceola in which pro-Union "Jayhawkers" plundered and burned Osceola to the ground, and executing nine civilians in the process.

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