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What if... the Fantastic Four were cosmonauts? Discover the story of the UFFF - the Ultimate Federalist Freedom Fighters: of how their existence as the world's first super-team turned the Cold War into a different, deadlier kind of struggle—and how, ultimately, they fought their hardest, most tragic battle against the forces that kept them in power.


  • Apparently this issues sets in Earth-717 (the universe where Captain America is in the Civil War) as General America is featured here.


  • This issue is similar in tone to DC's Elseworlds Superman: Red Son, which features Superman succeeding Joseph Stalin as Premier of the Soviet Union.
  • Unlike Red Son, the superheroes do not gain any political office, and Kruschev is seen succeeding Stalin as happened in the proper timeline. The super team is concerned about KGB infiltration, and Rudion Richards is shown being ashamed of his heritage being born to a Russian peasant girl and an American father, as both are from categories despised in Cold War Soviet society, the Americans for being their rivals, and the peasantry for engaging in struggles with the government to keep their land patches private, sometimes with violence.

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