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Synopsis for "What If Aunt May Had Died Instead of Uncle Ben?"

First we are reminded of the events that led to the death of Uncle Ben then we get on with the story:

Peter Parker returns home to find that Aunt May has been shot dead by a Burglar, in rage he reveals to Uncle Ben that he is Spider-Man. He then takes off and hunts down the burglar, then Burglar accidentally falls from the window, dies. Uncle Ben then turns up and calms Peter down and is arrested for murder. Ben confesses to the murder and is jailed, Peter having nobody to turn to gives up being Spider-Man the super-hero. John Jameson dies in the shuttle crash so J. Jonah Jameson hates him even more, Spider-Man breaks into the Daily Bugle building and attacks Jameson. He spares Jameson and later ends up in Ditko Juvenile Detention center where he meets Harry Osborn and Flash Thompson again. Harry is released and Flash targets Peter. One day Peter decides to escape, he lives on the run earning money by collecting bounties on super villains. He eventually confronts the Green Goblin who kills some bystanders, in a fit of rage he attacks the goblin and puts him in a coma. Peter attempts to break Ben out of jail but Ben says no and gives a speech that turns Peter's life around. Peter gives up being Spider-Man and focuses on rebuilding his life, only becoming Spider-Man in emergencies. When Ben is freed he becomes some what of a sidekick for Peter who meets Mary Jane and life carries on similarly to Earth-616.

Solicit Synopsis

We all know that Spider-Man's heroic career was inspired by Uncle Ben's death after his speech about great power and great responsibility... But what if Uncle Ben WASN'T the one who died? What if Peter's mother figure, Aunt May had been the one in the path of that bullet? How different would Peter's life have been?


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  • A poster for the Spider-Man film can be seen displayed in the comic shop.
  • This is the second story to show what happened if Uncle Ben lived instead of Aunt May, the first was What If Vol 1. Issue #46.

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