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Synopsis for "What If...Dr. Doom Had Become The Thing?"

In this reality, Victor Von Doom notices the error in his experiment and the explosion that led to him becoming Dr. Doom never occurs. He befriends Reed Richards and Ben Grimm is left alone.

Skip ahead a few years and Reed is going on his fateful space flight with Doom instead of Grimm. Doom's evil plotting is not quelled however and he dons armor that he believes will protect him from the cosmic radiation while leaving the rest of the crew to die. The ship is bombarded by the cosmic rays and crash lands on Earth.

The location of the crash happens to be the very same place where the Gamma Bomb is going to be test detonated. Grimm, who remains in he military and is working on the bomb notices his old friend and runs out to investigate their plight. The bomb detonates and Grimm is bombarded by Gamma Rays. He becomes the Hulk. Doom finds that he miscalculated with his armor and instead of protecting him from the radiation it increased its effect and he has become the Thing. Doom and Grimm fight and for a moment it seems that Doom has won but Grimm's strength increases with his rage and he manages to knock Doom unconscious. Reed then promises to find a cure for Grimm's condition.

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