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The Whip was a spy for the Imperial Japanese Army during World War II. He got his name from his choice of weapon, the whip. In 1943 the Whip infiltrated the United States and stole plans for Dr. Carstairs' demolition bomb testing chamber, murdering Carstairs in the process. However, members of the Young Allies where working for Carstairs at the time and the group chased him into the plane he was attempting to flee in. The Allies were forced to let him fly the plane back to Tokyo since he threatened to crash the plane.

When the plane was being escorted by Japanese fighters, the Young Allies used the planes' guns to shoot them down and then retook the plane, subduing the Whip. Unfortunately for them, the plane was shot down over Tokyo and the Whip soon captured the boys. When he presented the folder that contained the plans to Hirohito they were empty, prompting the Whip to search the Young Allies. Finding no trace of the plans, he decided to torture them one-by-one to learn where the plans were kept, starting with Tubby Tinkle. However, Toro used his flame powers to free his friends and they fled the dungeon. The Whip chased after them, but when the Allies managed to steal a plane and fly away he committed suicide for failing to capture them.[1]



The Whip's primary weapon as a whip.

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