Little is known about outlaw Whip Sandler, including his real name. Active during the American wild west, Sandler rode second-in-command to Alamo Lou Dade, whom he had romantic feelings for. However, Dade did not return his feelings, and scolded Sandler whenever he acted on them.

Sandler was with Dade when she and her gang held up a train and took the passengers hostage, hoping to earn multiple ransoms. Unknown to the gang, on of the passengers was Matthew Masters, a young doctor, and the alter ego to famed masked vigilante The Black Rider. While Sandler travelled with Dade into town to negotiate ransoms, Master broke free and donned his Black Rider attire.

When confronting the outlaws in town, Dade pretended to faint to draw the Rider to her side, at which point she kicked him and knocked him out cold. While hold up in a farmhouse with a family, Dade attempted to seduce the Rider only to be rejected. Enraged, Dade threatened to kill the hostage family one by one until the Rider agreed to kiss her. Sandler, filled with jealous rage, shot Dade in the back and left.

With help from the dying Dade, the Black Rider freed himself, and challenged Sandler to a duel in the street. The Rider managed to outdraw Sandler, and killed him with one shot.[1]







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