Whip Wilson was a heroic gunfightin' cowboy ("a man whose fame had spread the length and breadth of the West") who roamed the Old West with his "wonder horse" Bullet.

Whip Wilson worked for Governor Christy, wandering the West and cleaning up whatever towns he was sent to. He was the "man with the magic whip," and was very good with it. Wilson was also friends with the Native Americans, being particularly close to "Chief Gray Eagle." Whip, though good-natured, had a bit of an edge to him, and when a white man made a practice of murdering Native Americans, especially those of the "Serrano" tribe, Whip, after capturing the murderer, turned him over to the Serranos, rather than handing him in to the white authorities.

In his spare time Whip was the featured performer in the "Whip Wilson Wild West Show," in which he performed various tricks with his whip to raise money for charities, such as the "Mexican-American border hospital." He alluded to having been taught how to use his whip by a Mexican. He was evidently a crimefighter from an early age, capturing some notorious rustlers in Texas at age 19. It was then that he met Bullet, who was a wild stallion; Bullet's breaking took hours, but when finally tamed he was the steed of Whip's dreams. Whip also encountered villains the likes of which were usually faced by Kid Colt and Rawhide Kid, rather than people like himself. Whip clashed with The Hypnotist, whose hypnotic powers gave him a significant advantage over his opponents, and with Dr. Morrow, who produced enormous, monstrous animals, crosses between horses and bulls and other, less easily identified hybrids.




He was very good with his guns, but even better with his whip, faster on the draw with it than other men, even good shootists, were with their guns. He could snatch guns out of hands and holsters in a draw, catch thrown knives in mid-air with his whip, and even use his whip to throw the knives that he catches with his whip.


Whip rode a horse named Bullet


Whips ten-foot rawhide whip was his signature weapon, but he also used pistols.

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