Whirlo was the new aerialist in an unnamed circus which travelled the American west during the 1870s. The old aerialist Heath Benson had injured himself in a fall and was no longer able to do the job. He became very jealous of Whirlo and used his abilities to go on a crime spree, intending to frame Whirlo in the process. The scheme nearly worked too, as the Rawhide Kid initially suspected Whirlo to be the culprit, though when he tried to take him in, Whirlo bested him in combat. The Kid later battled and unmasked the true Rattler, revealing him to be Benson in disguise, and sent him to prison.[citation needed]

When Benson later escaped from prison, an angered Whirlo decided to take the opportunity to disguise himself as the Rattler and go on a crime spree in order to frame Benson in revenge. Whirlo robbed Tombstone of 10,000 dollars and nearly set the Two-Gun Kid after the real Rattler, until he slipped up, accidently mentioning the amount the Rattler had stolen before it had been made public. Whirlo was subsequantly apprehended by Sherff Barton and sent to prison.[citation needed]




The Rattler was a highly skilled athlete, specializing in gymnastics and aerial maneuvers. He was exceedingly quick and was very strong.



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