Whisper Doll was a member of the Raksha, a team of ruthless mutant vigilantes operating in Madripoor. They were inspired by Wolverine, whom they knew as Patch from his time in their country.

While brutally taking down a MGH dealer, the Raksha were interrupted by Jimmy Hudson, who disapproved the lethality of their methods. The Raksha's leader Norio attacked Jimmy, but was soon subdued by his teammate from the X-Men, Marvel Girl, who arrived to assist Jimmy together with Beast. The X-Men and the Raksha engaged in a fight, during which Whisper Doll attempted to take down Marvel Girl. The conflict was abruptly stopped by Norio himself once Jimmy popped his claws and Norio recognized their similarity to Wolverine's. After clearing up their intentions, both teams agreed to work together.[1]


Mutant: Whisper Doll is a mutant with the following ability:

  • Telepathic Resistance: At least allegedly, Whisper Doll is immune to the effects of telepathy.[1]


Martial Arts Expert: Whisper Doll possesses certain degree of mastery in martial arts.[1]

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