The mysterious masked figure known as White Face was an outlaw during the days of the American Frontier. He and his gang terrorized the small town of Last Chance, Texas for months killing anyone who took up the job of sheriff in town and succeeding in rustling all of the horses form nearby ranchers. This all changed the day that the original Rawhide Kid and his sidekick Randy Clayton came into town seeking a new horse for Randy after his original steed suffered a broken leg and needed to be put down. Learning of White Face's tyranny, the Rawhide Kid became sheriff of the town with Randy as his deputy. Not long after they took up the positions were they confronted by White Face and his gang who gave them an ultimatum: Leave town in 30 seconds or be killed on the spot. The Rawhide Kid proved to be the better gun man, shooting a gun out of White Face's hand and blasting off his gun belt.

Finally facing a superior foe, White Face fled in a cowardly panic with the Rawhide Kid following behind. White Face fled to the valley where he kept all the stolen horses hoping to kill the Rawhide Kid in a stampede. This proved to be White Face's undoing as he ironically ended up getting killed in the stampede himself. The Rawhide Kid returned the stolen horses and turned over White Face's mask to one of the ranchers to show to anyone who came to the area looking for trouble.[1]


White-Face was a cattle rustler and was a fairly competent horseman and marksman.




He used pistols.

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