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The White Dragon was the leader of a gang called the Dragon Lords in Chinatown in New York City.[2]

Born of Chinese ancestors from Canton, his ancestors were slavers of Fujian Chinese people.[3]

He eventually served the The Hood as one of his legion of criminals, but when Mister Negative began to build up gang power in Chinatown, the Hood sent White Dragon to meet with him and negotiate an alliance.[3]

However, Mister Negative was not interested, and upon shaking White Dragon's hand as they met, converted Dragon into a photonegative appearance, and his follower. White Dragon was then sent by Mister Negative to attack the Hood at his base, in order to send a message. His attack was unsuccessful and he was defeated by the Hood's followers.[3]

White Dragon met his end when he was consensually sacrificed by Midnight Sun.[4]


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He can shoot fire from his mask.[2]


Master of the martial arts.[2]



His costume possesses sharp claws.[2]

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