After stumbling across gold deposits in a stream just uphill of a settlement, Rick Gerard decided the best way to ensure he can collect the gold is to have the local Indian tribe eliminate the settlers.

After failing to convince Chief White Feather to attack the settlers, Rick uses a flaming arrow to burn down a building in the settlement, and rides in to make it seem that he scared off the Indians. The settlers believe his story, and confront the tribe in the morning. After the settlers take two children as hostages in order to ensure no further attacks, the tribe decides to retaliate. To persuade the wary White Feather, Rick supplies them with rifles.

As the tribe prepares to attack, Chief White Feather and Rick talk about the attacks when the White Feather notices a mark on Rick's arm from firing a string bow. Piecing together the truth, Chief White Feather attempts to subdue Rick, but is knocked out.

Rick attempts to lead the tribe in the attack, but White Feather comes to in time to tell his tribe the truth about Rick. Rick shoots Chief White Feather dead, and starts shooting tribe members as they attack him. A tribesman throws Rick into the stream, and Rick drowns in the water. Settlers from the town come to investigate the gun shots and learn the truth from the tribe, just as a settler discovers gold collecting in Rick's hand, which they determine as the cause of Rick's meddling.[1]

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