The woman known as the White Flower was the leader of a band of pirates who were active in the seas around China in the late 1940s. In 1948, she and her crew mates befriended Lipo, the son of wealthy Chinese silk merchant Sun Yin and enamored him in western ways to the point where he wished to give up his eastern traditions. This was all a means to learn when his father's valuable silk shipments were leaving port so that they could rob them and sink the vessels.

One such vessel was sunk while the Sub-Mariner and Namora were in the area. While Namora helped the passengers of the besieged ship, Namor attempted to stop White Flower and her crew but was knocked overboard allowing White Flower and her crew to escape. When they targeted the next ship not only was Lipo aboard, but also Namor and Namora. Lipo recognized White Flower and her bandits as his American friends and they were easily subdued and turned over to the authorities.[citation needed]

White Flower's subsequent fate is unknown.


White Flower carried a large sword.

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