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The White Gorilla Cult were a rival group to the dominant Panther Cult of Wakanda. Instead of worshipping the Panther God, Bast, the White Gorilla Cult worship the Ape God, Ghekre. Though the cult was outlawed by the rest of Wakandan society, the religion was still practiced by the Jabari Tribe.[2]

World War II

During World War II, the White Gorilla burned with an intense hatred towards the Black Panther and his people. Presumably gaining his powers from a similar magical ritual as the one that empowered M'Baku years later, the White Gorilla matched the Panther's physical prowess, but his village was no match for the advanced African country. The Gorilla held such a resentment towards Black Panther for not sharing their wealth and resources that he agreed to an alliance with the Nazis when the Red Skull and his forces planned to invade the country in order to take over its supply of Vibranium. He was part of a force of Nazi superhumans that invaded the Wakandan capital, attacking the Royal Palace of Wakanda before being defeated by Captain America.[3]

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Reign of S'Yan

Years ago, after the assassination of King T'Chaka of Wakanda, his brother S'Yan ascended to the throne and became the new Black Panther. In a fighting tournament that was held every five years to allow the various tribes of Wakanda the opportunity to challenge the Black Panther for the throne of Wakanda, the White Gorilla Cult entered a male combatant. However, the White Gorilla Cult's representative was defeated by a combatant from the Lion Cult before he got a chance to challenge S'Yan for the throne.[4] T'Chaka's son, T'Challa ultimately won the tournament, becoming the new Black Panther and ruler of Wakanda.[5]

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Modern Era

The cult's greatest warrior, M'Baku, set to claim the throne of Wakanda while T'Challa was away from Wakanda for several months. In disregard for the Wakandan decrees, the White Gorilla Cult was restored. M'Baku performed a ritual to gain enhanced strength by killing a rare white ape, bathing in its blood, and eating its meat.[2]


Apparently, the Jabari worshiped two gorilla gods. before they became Jabari, the tribe worshiped summoned the god Ngi and created the Gorilla-Man,[6][7] afterwards the cult of Ghekre emerged.[8][9]

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