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Quote1 Vengeance will be White Man's! Quote2
White Man[src]


The White Man was a mob boss in New York City. His men killed the husband of Camacho, who was the owner of a small market. Ms. Camacho hired the Heroes for Hire, who at the time were being accompanied by Deadpool, to bring him to justice.

Deadpool disguised himself as a mob boss to attract the attention of White Man, as he would be in White Man's territory. The plan worked, but White Man's men showed up, who brought Deadpool to White Man's lair. Deadpool was tracked down to the White Man's lair by the Heroes for Hire, who begun fighting White Man and his men. During the battle, Deadpool made White Man turn himself into stone. After the police arrived and the heroes departed, White Man's body was mistaken by a statue and was sold in a police auction.

Decades later, White Man's body was accidentally freed from his layer of stone, and the White Man's swore vengeance on the Heroes for Hire and Deadpool.[1]

White Man took hostage one of the upper floors of the Empire State Building, demanding the presence of the Heroes for Hire and Deadpool. The heroes attempted to liberate the hostages sneakily, but they were discovered. Using a concussive blast from his cane, the White Man's blasted the entire floor, throwing Deadpool off the building. He also turned Iron Fist and Luke Cage into stone.

Deadpool, with the help of Iron Fist's apprentices, followed White Man to the South Street Seaport, where the villain attempted to throw Iron Fist's and Luke Cage's immobile bodies to the bottom of the river. Deadpool and the apprentices snuck into the boat from which White Man tried to fulfill his desire, and attacked him. One of the apprentices took White Man's cane and used it against him, as another one punched him off the boat. White Man's body sank to the bottom of the river.[2]



White Man possesses a cane which fires a ray that covers anyone it touchs in a layer of stone, it was allegedly given to him by the Mandarin.[1] The victim is still conscious while trapped in stone,[2] and can be freed from the stone if gets hit hard enough. Curiously, a civilian struck by the ray and subsequently toppled appeared to shatter as though completely turned into stone instead.[1]


  • The White Man dresses like a pimp.

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