Nothing is known of the past of the man called the White Ninja. He worked for the Yakuza, but eventually was hired by Baroness Zemo to steal the Cassidy Crystals, strange gemstones that emitted fumes which could cause a victim to experience their greatest fear. The Ninja successfully stole the crystals, defeating the Wild Pack in the process. Silver Sable, leader of the Wild Pack, recruited Spider-Man to get them back.

The two heroes trailed the Ninja to the Baroness's base in the Black Forest, where he fought Spider-Man. Peter had the upper hand until the ninja used the crystals, causing Peter to experience a powerful hallucination, allowing the Ninja to turn the tide. Eventually, however, Peter's rage allowed him to break through the illusion and defeat the Ninja. The Ninja attempted to use the crystals once again regain control of the fight, but a gust of wind blew their fumes back in the Ninja's face, and in his resulting delusion he plummeted down a nearby gorge to his apparent demise.[2]


  • Imperceptibility: The Ninja could render himself imperceptible to all forms of detection.
  • Undetectable: The Ninja can also be undetectable to infrared visions and scans.


Intensive training in the martial arts and stealth tactics.


The Ninja used the Cassidy Crystals, the fumes from which could induce terrifying hallucinations in opponents to make them easier targets.

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