Widely feared and respected in mercenary circles throughout the Galaxy, her activities are well-known to Thanos of Titan, who chose her as an operative when he learned of a vast source of power sequestered within an ancient comet.

White Raven accepted Thanos' offer to retrieve this power-source, relishing the opportunity for both profit and conflict. During her journey, she encountered a Skrull Starship, which fired upon her, damaging her own craft. White Raven promptly donned a space worthy flight-suit, and breached the hull of the Skrull star craft. She then took out all remaining resistance on-board, and looted the ship for materials to repair her own ship. With that done, she resumed her mission to intercept the comet.

Upon arrival, White Raven discovered that the comet hid an ancient city within. Making the journey into its interior within her exo-suit, White Raven eventually discovered an entrance into what resembled a control room. There she came upon a robotic guardian, who led her deep within the heart of the city, and thus to the power-source she sought. However, what she did not expect to find was the Silver Surfer, who had already made it to the source thanks to the assistance of the last survivor of the ancient civilization.

When the Survivor made ready to hand over the source (contained within a large crystal) to the Surfer, Raven fired upon the Survivor an attack that mortally wounded the aged being. But, as the Survivor fell, so too did the crystal. Angered over the loss of her bounty, White Raven struck the Surfer who rose and prepared to incapacitate her.

However, the Surfer was interrupted by the appearance of a huge elder demon, a creature whom had been freed from within the crystal itself. The mighty being then announced its intentions to ravage the cosmos as an act of revenge against its captors, who had built their entire civilization with the power they had purloined from their captive. The robotic guardian attempted to recapture the Demon, but was quickly destroyed. Both the Surfer and White Raven then attacked the beast, but their attacks were merely shrugged off.

The Surfer immediately scooped up White Raven before she could be killed and sped away. This surprised and confused the mercenary, who admitted that she would not have done the same for him. The Surfer merely commented that he was sworn to protect all life whenever possible, even the lives of those who would do him harm. The Surfer took white Raven to her discarded exo-suit, which she immediately donned.

The Silver Surfer then told Raven to leave while he held off the Demon as long as he could. White Raven at first questioned this selflessness, then ridiculed it as the act of a suicidal idiot. Saying that, she departed and returned to her star cruiser. The Surfer engaged the Demon, and soon found that the power cosmic he possessed was not up to the task of halting the Demon.

However, before the beast could kill the Surfer with a barrage of energy, he found himself attacked by a speeding star craft, piloted by the White Raven. Telling the Surfer to take cover, she piloted the craft straight for the massive Demon, and leapt free at the last second. The Surfer caught her, and raced away as the ship's engine core reacted with the energy within the now agonized beast, causing him to detonate with the power of a supernova.

The Surfer asked White Raven to explain her selfless actions, and she responded by saying that she owed him her life, and had never seen so noble an act. The Surfer was reluctant to condemn her for the death of the Survivor, considering that the ancient alien's only wish was to leave this life. White Raven went on to say that the Surfer had made her see things from a different perspective, but also went on to say that they were not alike.

The Surfer answered by stating that he was content that their paths intersected for the greater good, and would go on to allow her to depart unmolested. White Raven then went on to bring news of her failure to Thanos, who was less than pleased that his goals had again eluded his grasp. However, Thanos also went on to say that other games awaited. The current activities and whereabouts of White Raven are unknown.[1]


White Raven has displayed a high level of skill in starship repair and piloting, and obviously is well-trained in the use of many different types of deadly weapons. The White Raven also possesses formidable hand-to-hand combat skills.

Strength level

Unknown, but the White Raven appears to have the average strength of a woman of her age, height, and build who engages in intensive regular exercise.


  • Exo-Suit: The White Raven possesses an armored exo-suit, capable of combat action in the vacuum of space.


  • Starcruiser: White Raven possessed a small starcruiser, heavily armed and capable of warp-speed flight. This vessel was lost in her gambit to acquire the Cometary Crystal, but it can be assumed she has access to other vessels.


The White Raven possesses a variety of weapons of many types, some of which she keeps concealed upon her person.

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