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The White Sword[src]


The mutant known only as the "White Sword" was one of many mutants who resided on Okkara. When the mutant land was invaded by the Amenthi Daemons, the White Sword and his personal army of One Hundred Champions were sent to Amenth as an advance guard. It is unknown what transpired in the hellish dimension, but they bought the mutants precious time and allowed them to gain an upper hand in the conflict.[2] After the battle, the White Sword disappeared and never joined his people again. Deep within Amenth, he built the Ivory Spire, a stronghold that he and his warriors would defend against any intruders. After the mutants of Okkara and Arakko (one of Okkara’s separated halves) were trapped in Amenth, they found countless crucified Daemons, proof of the White Sword’s wrath.[3]

As countless years passed, the White Sword and his army kept fighting the endless hordes of daemons, everyday dying only for him to resurrect his army to fight once again. This cycle of death and resurrection seemingly drove him mad and alienated him from his people. When Genesis and her army encountered him, he saw them as enemies and showed his former allies no mercy, forcing Genesis and what was left of her army to return defeated to Arakko.[3]

The First Horsemen approached the White Sword and asked him to join them in a tournament on Otherworld. He initially scorned their request, but agreed after they promised to give him whatever he desired, should they win.[4] After winning various challenges against Krakoa's Champions during the tournament,[5] the White Sword's last battle and the penultimate challenge for the tournament was against Gorgon. Instead of fighting him right away, the White Sword decided to summon his one hundred champions for Gorgon to fight before confronting him. However, as Gorgon was killing each of the champions, Saturnyne counted the slain as additional points for Krakoa, giving them a one-point lead over Arakko. An infuriated War then begged the White Sword to finish Gorgon immediately, but he wasn't rushed by her words. He proceeded to offer Gorgon a chance to be resurrected by the warlord and become a member of his champions, but Gorgon refused, so the White Sword finally killed him, tying the tournament score.[6] After the final challenge in which Annihilation lost to Apocalypse, Annihilation summoned all of Amenth's forces to conquer Krakoa. However, as the war raged on, the White Sword and his army decided to leave since they had only come for a fight and not a war, leaving his teammates behind.[7]


The White Sword is a man of honor, as shown when he used his powers to save Cypher after War accidentally poisoned him.[1] He was a friend and ally to the Mutants of Okkara, but after countless years of endless war and resurrection he lost his mind to battle, ruthlessly slaying not only his enemies, but also those who had considered him a friend.[8] He also seems to hold no sympathy for those he has killed as he won the challenge of rumination endurance.[5]

Powers and Abilities


White Sword is a mutant with the following powers:

  • Immortality: White Sword is several thousands of years old.[3]
  • Healing: White Sword is a powerful healer capable of fully healing the wounds of others, many at a time.[3] The White Sword has stated that he is unsure if he can heal or resurrect himself.[1]
    • Resurrection: White Sword's healing power is so profound that he can actually resurrect others. For millennia, he has used this power to resurrect his One Hundred Champions every morning so that they can fight the daemons of Amenth to the death again and again.[3]
    • Thralldom: When the White Sword heals someone, he also appears to place those healed under his thrall and enlists them into his army unless otherwise specified.[1]


Fencing: White Sword is seemingly a master at sword combat.[3]



  • White Sword's Armor: White Sword wore a full-body silver armor with a circular symbol on.[3]


  • Purity: White Sword had in his possession the sword of Purity.[3]


  • White Sword's characteristics appear to have been based on the Tarot card of The Emperor.[9]
  • It is not clear that he can heal or resurrect himself from death.[1]
  • The White Sword never eats, and claims to be beyond hunger, though he will occasionally make an exception. [1]
  • White Sword, along with all the Swordbearers introduced during "X of Swords," was initially envisioned by Jonathan Hickman and designed by Pepe Larraz.[10][11]

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