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Hector Ayala

Hector Ayala (Earth-616) from Deadly Hands of Kung Fu Vol 1 22 (Cover).png

Angela del Toro

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Ava Ayala

Ava Ayala (Earth-616) from Avengers NOW! Vol 1 1 001.png

Alternate Reality Versions

Image Description Issue
Ava Ayala (Earth-12041) New Suit from Ultimate Spider-Man (Animated Series) Season 3 4 001.png In Earth-12041, the Hector Ayala version of the suit differs from its comic counterpart in having feline ears and tiger stripes. The Ava Ayala version of the suit resembles that of the characters classic design with clear colored stripes, except the tiger amulet is placed on a belt on her waist. Ava received upgrades during her training at S.H.E.I.L.D., such as electric claws. Her suit gained a redesign after being purified from Dormammu's control via Dagger's light, now closely matching her current suit with darker the stripes and the amulet is now placed on her upper chest. Ultimate Spider-Man (Animated Series) Season 1 2
Ava Ayala (Earth-TRN577) from Ultimate Spider-Man (Animated Series) Season 4 16.png In Earth-TRN577, this version wears a more Victorian-esque of Ava's suit. The mouth portion of the mask is exposed. The amulet is placed on her neck in the form of a necklace. The suit consists of brown boots, armor on the shoulders, a black belt with a tiger buckle and fewer stripes. Ultimate Spider-Man (Animated Series) Season 4 16

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