Not much is known about the past of the costumed hero named White Tiger, how he came to become a member of the super-group called Xen remains unrevealed. It is unknown if he is Hector Ayala, or a successor of the title. It is apparent that whoever the White Tiger is it is presumable that he gained his powers from exposure to the Terrigen Mist that were released in the air by Black Bolt. He would aid Xen in defending the Asian continent from any threats.

He and his fellow Xen members would try and stop the Tong of Creel from stealing the hands of the Absorbing Man, which were entrusted to his fellow Xen teammate Tao. Xen failed in stopping the Tong from stealing the hands. Later White Tiger would join her fellow teammates in aiding Dr. Strange in saving Clea from Asgard.

The heroes would succeed in saving Clea, however they would find that during their absence, Japan was attacked by the reanimated corpse of Fin Fang Foom. With the help of Strange and Clea, Xen destroyed Fin Fang Foom. White Tiger's current activities are presently unknown.


The White Tiger has the portions of the Jade Tiger amulets, they presumably grant this White Tiger with the same mystical enhancements as the amulets Earth-616 counterpart. This White Tiger has been mutated to have a bestial form matching that of his name sake. Presumably, like most mutates with animal forms, it's possible that White Tiger has amplified physical characteristics such as enhanced senses, speed, strength and agility. It is unknown if the Jade Tiger Amulets also boost his mutations as well.

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